Panacea Guild, The Maelstrom
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 starlíght - pally.

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PostSubject: starlíght - pally.   Mon Jan 28, 2008 8:17 am

Name: christopher joseph (:
Age: 17
Nationality: British

Character Name: starlíght
Class: paladin
Spec: Holy
Guild History: Grr, Hive, Sonatis.
Armoury link:

Professions: Blacksmithing 270.


Do you currently know anyone in Panacea who can support your application?

no ):

Why are you applying to Panacea and what do you feel you can add?
i need to gear up and generally would like to do some fun raiding (: i ken healz Very Happy

What is your goal in World of Warcraft?
umm..clear raids, pvp abit and have a laugh Wink

What PvE experience do you have? The Eye, Kara, Gruuls.

What is the hardest boss you have faced, and why? the last boss in Durnholde -.- hard to heal on with all teh adds.

Are you willing to respec or do you feel your current spec brings something special

i would respec if accepted for raiding, currently pvp heal spec.

Is there anything you would like to add to your application?: love from meee Razz
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PostSubject: :)   Mon Jan 28, 2008 9:14 am

sorry m8 but we cant accept u yet, gear up more 1st with heroics n shiz and then app again Very Happy thanx for applying tho and ur sure for an inv when u got some better gear Smile


Yes! I pose!
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starlíght - pally.
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