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 Most popular warlock builds.

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PostSubject: Most popular warlock builds.   Mon Feb 11, 2008 10:57 am

Quite basic build, rather depends on you, instead of on gear.

Pure shadow dmg build.

I only recommend this build if you have very low spelldmg or lowspelldmg with hige crit.
another reason to take this build is if you have critgear and feel that you are having mana problems.
This is becouse incinerate dosen't recive as much spelldmg bonus as shadowbolt dose.

This build requires hige spelldmg to be functioning at its top.

Cool build, only use SL if u know you wont be hit during the fight.
Feeling that you have aggro issus, this is the build for you.
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Most popular warlock builds.
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