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 Vacation - Shaman problems

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PostSubject: Vacation - Shaman problems   Sun Feb 17, 2008 4:47 am

Hello fellow shamans afro
I'm back from my 1 week vacation, and im a bit curious of what happened the last week.
Deadhero told me that no one has been online, tbh in my eyes thats slacking.
And we're 2 resto shamans short. Every shaman in this guild should be out there looking for new ppl for our guild.
Atm i don't think that the gear is that important, we're still a Kara/gruul progressing guild so we can still gear ppl up. So don't say no because they have green gear. Group up with them and check if they got any skillls.
And if they have tell the Shaman class leader to speak with them.

About the Classleader we should soon choose who it has to be. We can't have a class in this guild without a Class leader anymore, something serious has to be done soon with the shaman class in Panacea.

Peace out from me. And for god sake read this and post a reply lol!
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Vacation - Shaman problems
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