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 Druid Speccs

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PostSubject: Druid Speccs   Sun Feb 17, 2008 6:08 pm

Ok so basicly were having 3 resto druids, 1-2 feral druids, and 1 moonkin.. So:

Moonkin- Bombaby... So goin Resto
Resto1- Itssjade(Going Moonkin so do not invite Balance druids)
Resto2-Varmefaen (In english= Hotfuck)
Resto3- ?

Speak up about speccs now--- If you are resto now, but want to go feral then say so now...You will ofcourse have to stay resto until
we find a new resto druid, in order for you to go feral... You will also need to have good enough gear when you have changed specc.. That meaning enough gear for Gruul/Kara/ZA/First bosses in SSC/TK

Over and zeh out
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Druid Speccs
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